Linux Kernel Module Build Flags

Building out-of-tree Linux kernel modules is pretty easy. The page shows some basic info. There are some great ways to tinker with the CFLAGS (and other build flags).

The kernel module build uses rules/macros in the linux/scripts/Makefile.lib.

# deprecated old-style kernel build flags

The kernel best practice to set build flags is through the ccflags variable.

# these flags added to all C compiles
ccflags-y += -Wall -Werror

File-specific flags can also be set.

# Set DEBUG flag when compiling hello.c
CFLAGS_hello.o += -DDEBUG

A useful feature is also removing flags. I’m currently working with a set of vendor code that has a warning triggered by a newer version of GCC. The compile is failing because the vendor makefiles use -Werror. I can’t modify the code due to license restrictions but I can modify the makefile.

# turn off the -Werror flag
ccflags-remove-y += -Werror

Similarly, can remove flags for a specific file.

# turn off -Werror just for hello.c
CFLAGS_REMOVE_hello.o += -Werror

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